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Alas, again members have special priviledges.
c-s-y says...
2007-08-18 10:34:55   [ip: ]
nice blog
money4blogging says...
2007-04-17 09:32:21   [ip: ]
Thanks for the kind comments =)

I can barely believe that I've managed to keep up with the 100 words a day as long as I have, too. In general, I would have probably forgotten a day by now. If it wasn't for the giant note I'd taped to the computer =D

The chinese buffet isn't all chinese food. They've got some other stuff for those that don't like chinese, I suppose {though I don't know why someone would go if they didn't like chinese}. My boyfriend goes with me because he likes to eat the frog legs, ick.
money4blogging says...
2007-03-30 01:05:34   [ip: ]
Thanks for the welcome =) You've got a nice blog here!
rrzhang001 says... ...Hi
2006-12-27 02:37:21   [ip: ]
Jealousy and admiration overwhelms my when I see this page...
renaye says... *BlEk*
2006-11-09 09:59:17   [ip: ]
i'm going to pollute your guestbook with my MEOWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...........
ikimashokie says... Psst
2006-11-04 12:30:16   [ip: ]
I touched your guestbook :p
antelis says... Glad to meet you, too....
2006-10-24 02:36:26   [ip: ]
Thanks for dropping by ~~ ;D
I can read Simplified Chinese as well.
Your layout is lovely.... ^^
frostbitten says... ;p
2006-08-26 06:55:45   [ip: ]
wow...i'm soo jealous..lol i need phtoshop...bad!!!! lol
yeah yaoi ♥ Rs unite! u do the hearts by typing (ampersand, then the word hearts then a semicolon..) :D
Kirei says...
2006-08-10 04:19:32   [ip: ]
Thanks! I like your layout, too! I like your avatar, as well. ^^
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