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Age. 32
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location England, United Kingdom
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[Pipa Erhu Ensemble]
13/05/07 00:14
I am...

feeling: tired!!!
watching: Yi Tian Tu Long Ji

Ahhhh I am sOoOoOo tired... but I'm waiting for a download to finish =3 It's almost finished anyways...

Eeeeh! Okayyy I posted a new video today =3 And although I wasn't going to introduce videos anymore on NuTang, I figured I should introduce this one... XD It's slightly different ^_^

Uuuusually, it's me playing piano... right? Well... piano isn't the only instrument I play =3 the one I posted today is my daddy and I playing a piece of music called 'Bamboo Melody' aka Zi Zhu Diao, in Chinese.

Reason I thought I should introduce this one, is because it's played on Chinese instruments: Pipa (4 stringed lute) and Erhu (2 stringed... 'violin'? o_O)
Pipa - me
Erhu - my daddy
ensemble =]

I haven't practised in ages... so yeah... you can hear sooo many mistakes from me ^^;; But also the false nails I'm using are rather worn and I haven't had a chance to get new ones, so the sound isn't very good either sigh... but you can get a taste of Chinese instruments by watching at least! ^^;;

Eeeh... Enjoy? ^^;;




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kkama67 razzly jolenesiah Kuri

I am just bursting with pride. Yep, going to have to share this with my co-workers! XD

Your father is very accomplished. Is he a musician?
» Katrina on 2007-05-12 11:56:00

Wow how cool!!! Kuri you are soooo talented! You make awesome bentos and beautiful music!
» kkama67 on 2007-05-13 03:31:14

cool! I've heard chinese music, but I've never actually seen what makes the noises. Well, now I have. You're very good, even with the mistakes. Your dad is good as well.
» LostSoul13 on 2007-05-13 05:48:36

i do hear some mistakes. but who cares? it's better than don't know how to play. i would love to learn how to play traditional chinese music instruments. but can u imagine i could not find any place to learn this kind of stuff in my area?

and also, i have learned too many instruments half way. it's high time for me to pick up and complete learning my violin, tinwhistle, horn ... and what else...? can't remember.
» renaye on 2007-05-13 10:30:00

Cool! I can't even play piano nicely. What other instruments can you play? I really envy you sometimes.
» Nuttz on 2007-05-13 12:46:34

@renaye, i kinda taught myself tbh ^^;; i had a lady like... teach me the notes of the D major scale, and i used my knowledge of music via piano to work out notes of every other scale XD
@Nuttz, ^^;; i also play flute, dizi and a bit of erhu XD
i suck at erhu the most though x_x;;


» Kuri on 2007-05-13 12:53:43

whaaa... kuri knows a lot of things... so interesting ^^ i played the flute during elementary school but stopped when i got to junior high >.<
» crz4manga on 2007-05-14 12:10:06

cool !
My little boy thought it was real nice! He was reading with interest that it's a "daughter-daddy" ensemble! He plays the Erhu, and this Zizhu Diao was one of the first songs he learnt.
» ( on 2007-05-14 06:18:23

cool !
My little boy thought it was real nice! He was reading with interest that it's a "daughter-daddy" ensemble! He plays the Erhu, and this Zizhu Diao was one of the first songs he learnt.
» sammicheng ( on 2007-05-14 06:18:54

It's still good with the mistakes! That's really beautiful! I always wondered what those intruments were called and that they looked like.

My template, It should be compatible with everything. I wrote it with NuTang's code. Plus, that same available layout is the exact same as the current layout.
» Kirei on 2007-05-15 03:56:25

Waaaaa amazing! XD U can even play it without looking!
» razzly on 2007-05-17 06:33:47

omg, ur dad is great at erhu... i tried on erhu during my college time.... i having hardtime to make the tune right... i get the low tune all mess up and high tune perfectly correct... my friends have a good laugh...

i tried on yang ching as well... but later the instructor run away so i cant learn (too few members in the chinese orcherstra society)

never tried on pipa...but u r great u know... sugoi... (i dont have music talent by the way.. haha)
» jolenesiah on 2007-05-19 10:30:26

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