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Age. 32
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
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[Bento 006]
03/09/06 19:30
mood: annoyed, yet overjoyed
listening to: Redemption - Gackt
watching: nothing

Oh. My. Word. I just made Bento #06 because I just couldn't wait to make it cos of all the delicious ingredients in my fridge, and now I hate myself. See, I thought this would be my best bento yet, and I was correct. It *is* my best bento yet, and it looks so pretty, in my opinion.

So why do I now hate myself? I'll answer you when you've seen them first:

Top: 2 Onigiri with salmon inside, and one with crabstick inside. Heart shaped =D

Bottom: sushi!!!! Home made!!!...ME made!!! XDDDDDD, and cucumber and tomato slices ^_^ I'm wondering how on earth Kitchen Cow manages to slice her tomatoes so perfectly though... it's so hard to slice at the end... O_O (although her tomatoes are larger than mine though, I guess...)

Left: Mr. Kipling's... I forgot-what-it's-called-but-it's-delicious (so Japanese haha), a couple of strawberries ^_^

And here I give you a few close-ups:

And I have to wait till tomorrow to eat it!!!!!!! =cries= (Yes, reason I hate myself.)

My parents went to a Church prayer meeting after Church today, I generally don't go to those, so yeah, here I was, at home... just *itching* to make Bento #06, and here it is, made... tempting me to go and eat it... cos I haven't had dinner yet...

AAAAHHHHHHHHH I can't wait till tomorrow!!!! ;_;

Plugs to the beautiful: Silver-dot-, ikimashokie, The-Muffin-Man






ooh, pretty heart-giri. :p
» ikimashokie on 2006-09-03 01:47:56

I don't get it. Why do you have to wait till tomorrow? .. so you can show your parents?
» dave on 2006-09-03 01:50:27

cos bentos are for lunch... next lunchtime is tomorrow ;_;


» Kuri on 2006-09-03 02:03:41

I'm really going to cut ALL of my hair off. Well, 3 or 4 inches at least... Plus I'm getting bangs. No way I'm trusting somebody that's not a professional to give me bangs, haha. And there's always next year to go to Dragon*Con, this year there were just too many setbacks.
» Chloefoxx on 2006-09-03 02:52:51

Aww...for me?
Lol...Bento #6 = mine remember? AND with heart shapes? You do too much, really ;-)

On a more serious note, GAH that sushi looks so good right now! Those heart cakes look pretty nice too...I'd probably end up destroying them while attempting to get the stuff inside haha XD.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2006-09-03 03:34:35

What am I saying? It's rare that I'm 3rd most popular. It'll be gone by tomorrow, I'm sure.
» ikimashokie on 2006-09-03 03:45:30

lol you must really have quite a patience u know...with making all those bentos..lol *gawsh, i admire u for that..salute!* XD

yeah i remember u saying u took lotsa quizzes too..lol

And oh yeah..the banner i was talking about are the ones on top.. (like kire\\\'s blue island thingy or thisdisease\\\'s violetflowers..lol) Are they called banners?!?! whatever.lol

» frostbitten on 2006-09-03 03:46:25

Love your (as ikamashokie called them) heart-giri! You put stuff in them? How's that possible? 0.0

It all looks sooo yummy...SUSHI! *slurping up the drool from the side of my mouth* So good...^-^

Heh. Hearts for the-muffin-man! XD
» Silver-dot- on 2006-09-03 05:20:52

i've always wanted to try onigiri =3 the hearts are cute =D the sushi looks delicious as well =] no sauce or anything though? well i don't know where you'd put it though XD
» hikarixgaki on 2006-09-03 07:16:13

Ice Pops
My little brother is really impatient with ice pops and asks me to check on them practically every hour. To me, freezing apple juice pops or soda pops makes it taste plainer and just not yummy.

I love your heart shaped onigri! How do you put the food inside without having it all crumble on you?

I only get 30 minutes for lunch at my school so I only have time to eat a snack and drink some water because I'm a slow eater. You could always remake it exactly the same so that you could eat one now and then the other one when you get back to school.
» thisdisease on 2006-09-03 07:52:45

Well thankyou! Actually, I don't get it a lot! One other person has said it, but that's when the layout was different anyway.

And I just changed the background too. But thanks!

I admire the patience you must have. I am a hopeless cook, and I could never even attempt to make food look that good!!
» okidpokie on 2006-09-03 09:58:39

You\'ve got to come cook for me! :D It looks soooo good. I\'m hungry all over again.
» little-b on 2006-09-03 11:59:59

Thanks for you input on my last entry. You're right it's probably not true BUT I'd rather be safe then sorry. So that's why I posted it, even though it was a forward. It's scary to even think about someone doing/tryin' to do something like that. It's just cruel. Anyways, your food does look good. Now, I have to go find something to snack on, lol. Take Care
» Princess_00 on 2006-09-04 01:33:29

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